Saturday, January 3, 2009

Show us your farm

We want to see what you love about life on a family farm so we have started a photo group on flickr (just visit the Photo Pool link to the left). You'll need to sign up (no worries, it's free) and when you do you'll be able to see and share some great images. I just put one up where I climbed a pile of snow covered milo at an elevator in Kalvesta. And yes, It was harder than I thought. After the launch of the new tractor, I'll post a bunch of photos of the DT that we shot in December so you can get a better look at it.


  1. The photo pool has over 50 images in it. Some really nice and classic stuff.

  2. As of today, Thursday, January 22, the Family Farms group on has 29 members and more than 300 photos posted.

    Please accept the invitation of the many group members to join the group and add your own favorite photos showing the hard-working people, beautiful places, blue-ribbon livestock, and classic machines of the family farm heritage of North America.