Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where can people see the new DT Series tractors?

The first opportunities for the public to see the new tractors will happen at the World Ag Expo, on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, in Tulare, California, and the next day, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky, at the National Farm Machinery Show.

World Ag Expo, Feb. 10 to 12, Tulare, California.

National Farm Machinery Show, Feb. 11 to 14, Louisville, Kentucky.
The AGCO Tractors exhibit is on lot 0009034 in the South Wing B building of the Expo Center.


  1. Best looking units on the market. Any plans of using the new 7 cylinder AGCO SISU diesel in tractors? Any link to the specs on this engine?

  2. Here's a link to some information about the 7 cylinder engine:

  3. Do you know if the Regional Farm Shows like the Western Farm Show in Kansas City (End of February) will have the new DT-b to show case. I've had several customers ask?

  4. The availability of new DT tractors to exhibit at regional, state and local shows will depend on what dealers and the AGCO field sales personnel can work out using dealer inventory and tractors assigned to AGCO product specialists in the field. Obviously inventory of this kind will be very tight or none in February and will grow gradually as 2009 goes on. Having a new tractor at any spring show other than the shows that AGCO treats as "national" shows (e.g, Tulare, Louisville) will be most difficult in February then somewhat easier at things like a May or June "hay expo" and a bit more easy at fall shows like Ohio Farm Science Review, Big Iron, Ontario's Outdoor and the Red Deer AB show (Agri-Trade).

    The are many examples in the past of dealer and AGCO sales personnel making creative arrangements with tractor purchasers that allow the dealer and the AGCO sales people to "borrow" the customer's new tractor for the run of a local/regional show. We can hope that some of these creative arrangements will allow more new DT tractors to be on exhibit at several shows.

    The AGCO "national" shows for the fall of 2009 will include the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days where new DT tractors will definitely be exhibited.

  5. We have our first AGCO DT225B just arrived. This one's already SOLD and will be heading to the proud new owner soon! But it's amazing the comments we are receiving about this awesome new tractor!

    Top 10 Comments:

    1) Cab - This is an awesome, spacious and very quiet cab. They did it right! Where's the recliner and bed? Only thing I see they forgot in the cab was the shower and tiolet.

    2) Speed Steering. Now that is something that will help me. We have so many point rows and irregular fields, finally.

    3) Pop up hood and check points - Finally someone has us in mind. This is going to be one of the easiest pieces to maintain on my farm. So simple but understanding what we need.

    4) Cast Frame and weight - This tractor is massive and will sure be able to put the horsepower to the ground.

    5) Control Center Display - Man what won't it tell me...Temperature, Efficiency Data, Instant and Average Counters a true management system that makes me do my job easier and help control costs.

    6) Right hand Command Center Arm Rest - Everything is here that you would ever need in a days work. I'll never have to lift my right arm.

    7) Seat. Air Conditioned Seat...that just tops it off. This is more comfortable than my easy chair and more adjustment too.

    8) Climate Controlled Storage - First I could have a cold can, then a liter bottle of water - now I can take my whole lunch with me and more and stay cool.

    9) Hitch and Drawbar - This is one massive rear end and lifting system. THat Cat3 Heavy Duty drawbar is just what I need for my heavy tillage and planter.

    10) Hydraulics - They have outlets for everything I need. 6 sets of couplers. Tank, Pressure, Load Sensing and Free Return ports with easy access.