Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome Blane and Reid.

We have two new authors added to this blog. Blane Clark is a product specialist who can answer many of your technical questions about the tractor. Please understand Blane can only tell you some of the aspects of the tractor right now as the unveiling is still a few weeks away. Reid Hamre is the communication manager for the tractor. He can tell you about seeing the tractor at farm shows, in magazines and he can direct you to all types of sources for whatever questions you may have.

So fire away with your questions. We're ready to get you as excited as we are about this tractor.


  1. I've been reading about AdBlue and SCR Engines from the SISU Power website that will be available in the new DT-b Series. Can you explain more about the fuel savings and performance characteristics and what this brings to the North American Farmer.

  2. I have sent your question on to someone well qualified to give you an answer. In the meantime, you might want to grab a copy Diesel Progress which, if I recall correctly, named SCR technology it's "Person of the Year". The cover story is a good one with a ton of facts.

  3. I have requested a PDF document copy of the December 2008 Diesel Progress story about AGCO Corporation's development of SCR technology and the new 7-cylinder AGCO Sisu Power diesel engine.

    I can forward this to you once I receive it sometime in the coming week.

    This is the issue that has SCR on the cover in recognition of Diesel Progress naming SCR technology developments the magazine's "Newsmaker of the Year".

    Reid Hamre
    Brand Marketing Manager
    AGCO Tractors

  4. Here is a link to the story: